The name „Bantaba“ is derived from the word for a large tree called Bentennie in the Mandinka language, which is a traditional meeting place for the men of the village. The origin of the word comes from the Mandinka for tree, which is „Bant“ and „aba“ means „where you meet“ and so the two words together say Bant-aba. It is the modern equivalent of a garden pavilion, which is larger than an arbour.

Earthstones "made in The Gambia" - an elementary "booster" for the building trade

Since The Gambia has had a new government, whose president was re-elected at the end of 2021, the construction industry in the country has been booming. The fact that a few weeks ago the parliament was also newly elected with many young MPs strengthens the confidence of the people in Africa’s smallest country. People want to live and work there again. In a way, this also applies to Gambians in the diaspora: they send money to their families back home … to build. A wise decision, because I can observe a strong upswing in The Gambia – despite „Corona times“.