Mission Statement

Support at eye level – our mission for the people in the rural regions of The Gambia 


TeSito Providential Developments is a partnership of two non-profit societies based in Müllheim, Baden-Württemberg, and Koli Kunda, Central River Region, in The Gambia, focusing on training, practical empowerment, regenerative agriculture and the establishment of compound businesses.

The two companies are managed on the basis of identical statutes, currently by a three-member team for „TeSito Germany“ and a six-member team of Germans and Gambians for TeSito Gambia. In the initial phase, the Gambian sister society will be 100% financed by the German sister society.  The aim is for both companies to be completely self-financing within three  to five years.

The two TeSito companies work to significantly reduce poverty among the  rural population, in particular to improve the living and working conditions  of women, the qualification of young adults and the associated  development of local communities.

We provide people with future-proof education with practical and life- oriented skills. With the support and encouragement of friends, especially  from Germany, we promote the modernisation and establishment of  cooperatives and small businesses (compound business) as well as (in the  future) intra-African trade with products and services from The Gambia.

In The Gambia, we are creating a „breathing blueprint“ that transcends national borders for the development of skilled professions and the  creation of jobs around sustainable, climate-resilient organic agriculture,  handicrafts and services.



  • Construction and commissioning of an education centre in Koli Kunda (Central River Division) with a focus on agricultural  development in consideration of biodiversity and climate protection  as well as (accompanying) crafts (construction, energy, water)
  • Establishment of a trading company (TeSito Fruits) in Brikama  (Western Division) to market agricultural products from the TeSito  area of influence domestically, as well as an incubator for the  establishment of compound businesses.
  • Establishment of a seminar and meeting centre for vocational  training in Tanji (Western Division) with a focus on general business management, intra-African trade, eco-tourism and the promotion of biodiversity and climate resilience.
  • Networking of TeSito centres in The Gambia and beyond the country’s borders, especially to West Africa, but also to Germany and Europe.