Our presence in The Gambia

As acting persons we put ourselves into this work because we simply like to be with the people in The Gambia. We experience the hospitality as proverbial, friendships are formed along the way and we are invited to share what we are and have. So it makes sense to get involved in local or community life where possible. Currently, these are the communities around Koli Kunda (Sami District), Jundum and Tanji (Kombo South) where we have started to put down first roots.

Our wish is to be able to be learners as well as initiators for development and innovation in the respective existing conditions. We want to participate in the creation of jointly „inspired living spaces“ that can become places of confidence and departure. In order for this to become a reality, we are committed, within the scope of our possibilities, to selected tasks oriented towards the common good, which at the same time have an obvious connection to our mission.

Jamali Health Clinic

Not a kilometre away from our property in Koli Kunda is a small, regionally effective health clinic. It is run by two trained obstetricians. The outpatient medical spectrum goes much further than „just“ caring for expectant mothers, before, during and after the birth of their children. Everyone who comes to the door is treated – whether for first aid of injuries, treatment of scorpion stings, bacterial infections or malaria, up to classic civilisation diseases… The equipment, instruments, devices and medicines available for this purpose are staggering. Everything is lacking !

Building a day care centre for people with special needs

n Brikama, we support a German-Gambian association (Hambia e.V.), which is primarily committed to providing a secure environment and all-day care, but also learning support for Gambian children and young people with special mental and physical needs. The demand for free places with qualified and trustworthy care is growing continuously and is foreseeably stronger than the offer that is currently being developed.

Building a primary and secondary school

In Mediana (near Tanji) we are supporting a Baptist church in building a primary and secondary school. There are plenty of children and the opportunity to attend school is not self-evident. However, education is the key to a self-reliant and self-determined life in The Gambia.

Promoting Junior Women’s Football in School Sports

In the Central River Region, we initiate the targeted promotion of junior girls‘ football in school sports. To this end, we are approaching all Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools in the region with an experienced team from May 2022.

Under the motto „Fostering Health, Education & Football“, the focus is not only on the purely sporting aspects, but also on raising awareness for a healthy lifestyle (fitness and nutrition), strengthening personality development and professional orientation.

Important milestones will be the organisation of regular workshops for sports teachers and training camps for the schoolgirls as well as the annual TeSito Junior Girls‘ Football Cup. Financially, this initiative is made possible by a team of sponsors from German professional football.