Vocational Training Centre Koli Kunda

The German-Gambian Training & Empowerment Centre we are planning in Koli Kunda sees itself as a complementary institution to already existing training centres in the Central River Region.

We are positioning the TeSito Skill Centre with initially two pedagogical focal points, which are aligned with the given realities of life:

  • basic vocational training for young adults and
  • further and continuing vocational training for working people

The content will focus on the vocational fields of agriculture, food production, handicrafts, trade & logistics. The entire curriculum will be accompanied by a competence area of nutrition, fitness & health. Building on these activities, we will establish another branch for training occupations in the health sector in the medium term.

With our offer for training and empowerment, we address the following core target groups:

Basic training for young adults

a) Young men and women who have completed their school education in Secondary or Senior Secondary School.

b) Young men and women who, for social reasons, are unable to complete such schooling.

At the same time, we also want to be open to those young people …

c)  who bring special needs to their education due to mental and physical limitations.

Further education and training for working adults

  • Women in cooperatively organised agriculture
  • Farmers, craftsmen and small entrepreneurs


Timetable for implementation and commissioning

The planning of the structural measures as well as the pedagogical concept has started with the acquisition of the land in October 2021. All the essential local contacts and relationships required for this are in place. We are therefore at the beginning of the realisation phase, the duration of which is of course also dependent on the ongoing fundraising success.

Use of Sensending Lodge

However, we will not wait until the progress of construction on our property makes it possible to run a training centre. Rather, we already have the opportunity to use the „Sensending Lodge“, which is about 1.5 km away, for initial seminars and accommodation. We are therefore confident that we will be able to start the first training cycle in the second half of 2022 at the latest.