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Providing education – an education initiative from Baden-Württemberg



We accompany people in The Gambia to develop and successfully apply their own skills.

Responsibility together

We practice German-Gambian management at eye level

Training & Empowerment

We focus on providing skills in agriculture, crafts and trade.

Regenerative Agriculture

Probably the most important raw material in Africa’s smallest country is fertile soil. And this is where we come in.

Strengthening entrepreneurs

We accompany and support the establishment of small businesses and solidarity-based cooperation in rural areas.


What moves us

The encounter with Gambian refugees in Müllheim im Breisgau (Baden Württemberg), their reports and the circumstances on the ground have affected us. On the one hand. The continuously growing number of arrivals very soon led to questions about the „why“ and a „what now …“.





Our Presence in The Gambia

As an organisation, we are in The Gambia to support people in rural areas in a professional and attentive way to develop their potential and improve their own living conditions. To this end, we will create appropriate educational opportunities at three locations. The most important of these is Koli Kunda.



Implementation planning for the vocational training centre in Koli Kunda (Central River Region)

Jamali Health Center


Establishment of a day care centre for people with special needs

Establishment of a primary and secondary school

Promotion of junior women’s football in school sports



Encounters in rural areas.



Travel reports

Events & Seminars

Current Events







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