Together in Responsibility

From the beginning, we were aware that this initiative could only be effective if we ourselves, as those responsible, would engage in a socio-cultural, German-Gambian learning process.

This requires not only a continuous presence in the country but also a joint management team that meets at eye level, values each other and consciously creates space for mutual trust to grow.

We have gradually found each other and set out on this path together.

Team Germany

Dipl. Biol. (MBA)
Samuel J. G. Gebert
Managing Partner (CEO)
Chairman of the Supervisory Board TeSito Gambia (Office Baden Württemberg and TeSito Gambia)

Hinrich Schliephack
Member of the Supervisory Board TeSito Gambia

Team The Gambia

Haddy Jatou Bah
Coordinator Regenerative Agriculture and Climate Resilience Vice Chairperson of the Supervisory Board, TeSito Gambia

Bubacarr Sanneh
General Secretary, TeSito Gambia and Member of the Supervisory Board, TeSito Gambia

Awa Cham
Finance & Controlling, TeSito Gambia

The tasks ahead of us are diverse, complex and, all in all, anything but a vanilla process. For this reason, we are not simply building a training centre in Koli Kunda, but are establishing an international network of relationships with sponsors, experts, universities, institutional partners and companies. The goal is to be a mutual blessing.