Training & Empowerment

Our motivation is to contribute with our professional experience to significantly improve the living conditions of the rural population in The Gambia and, in the future, in neighbouring West African countries by helping to identify and promote existing potentials, to open up professional perspectives and to give substantial impulses for regional trade.

In doing so, we operate in defined fields of competence and application, in which both we ourselves and external partners brought in by us impart knowledge and practical skills. The starting points are the fields of agriculture as well as the classical crafts that surround them.

In the field of agriculture, we initially concentrate on

  • Rice cultivation
  • Cultivation of fruit plantations
  • Vegetable cultivation

Building on this, we realise together with partners, step by step food production (drying, roasting, refining, preservation) as well as integrated transport and logistics along the process and value chain.

In the teaching of craft skills, we are planning offers for the following professions

  • Horticulture
  • Water management
  • Agricultural machinery mechanics
  • Locksmith
  • Building trades (bricklayer, carpenter, joiner)
  • Electricity and Solar Energy

Furthermore, we intend to impart competences in trade & logistics:

  • Sales of agricultural commodities (rice, mango, cashew, peanut, …)
  • Marketing of processed food
  • Offering services for energy and irrigation systems
  • Offer of transport & logistics services