“Gambia Dream”

July 19, 2017 my dream started here to make a difference in The Gambia. No idea what, but sure that I want to make a difference. had been biking for over a week in the rainy season. I wanted to explore Gambia by bike, from the west to the east and back, a total of almost 700 km. It was in the evening about 17:00, behind me lay pretty much exactly 80 km from Basse to Laminkoto opposite Janjanbureh at almost 40 ° Celsius. I was exhausted, in retrospect this was the hardest day for me. I had no idea where to stay overnight and the two kids gave me the tip that there was Sensending Lodge not far away, closed because of the rainy season. There was only one staff member there, who had to call his boss and he then allowed him for me to stay overnight. Now 5 years later we (I am no longer alone with the dream, we are a team with a dream) are building a training center 1.5 km north of the place where I was resting at that time, on 1.5 ha. Around the 20th of May I am there again, I live there in a small apartment about 400 m away from my “dream place” at the military imam. We are friends with the owner of the Sensending Lodge and until we have built our training center, we are allowed to use his lodge at the river to start already with a training program. For me personally now 5 years later Laminkoto has become a second home, with many friends, I am looking forward to be there again soon and above all I may bring hope, new beginnings.

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